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Importance of regularly checking the garage door rubber stripping

Maintaining your garage door weather-stripping is very important to regulate the temperature inside the house. Our professional technicians recommend that you regularly check the bottom strip of your doors and look for leaks and breaks. Replace immediately if there are any.

Fine-tuning your garage door

In order to assure that your garage door is kept in excellent working condition, it is best that you perform regular fine-tuning routines like cleaning and lubricating of parts. This will ensure that each part is free of any obstruction as well as enable smooth operation.

Buying garage door hardware

Our experts often offer assistance if you need it. Decide on the best material to use that will suit your location and consider your budget before you purchase. Check the warranty period to know the quality of the hardware. The longer the warranty, the better is the quality.

Get your garage door windows covered

If your garage door has windows and you're going to be spending a few days away from your home, it's a good idea to cover the windows up with something opaque. You can maybe tape dark fabric over the windows (from the inside of the garage, of course). Do this to prevent would be burglars from easily looking through the windows.

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