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Is there anything I need to watch out for with a steel garage door?

Just like the other types of garage doors, the elements will eventually wear it down. However, because it is made of steel it tends to last much longer. Experts who reside at West Hollywood will tell you to watch for signs of rust during garage door maintenance.

Do I still wash an aluminum frame garage door?

A garage door using an aluminum frame might be sturdier than the rest, but it still needs a little bit of care now and again. Removing all of the dirt or the stains is as easy as wiping your garage doors with a wet rag, or a sponge.

How often does my opener need servicing?

This can vary quite a lot between designs and manufacturers. The best thing to do is check the opener manual and look for an advised servicing schedule. Like a car, the more often you service the equipment, the longer it is likely to last and maintain its value.

Can I operate my door manually even if my garage door opener is broken?

Yes, you can. The fact that your garage door is broken shouldn't affect your ability to open or close your door manually. You only need to separate the opener from your garage door. You can do this by pulling on its release cord. It is usually colored red.

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