Garage Door History

Garage Door History

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Since first created back in 1912, the garage door has come a long way. This invention came about due to necessity. Following the innovative development of cars, people now had to figure out where to store their motor vehicles. From the early 19th century to today’s modern day technological and convenience driven world, the advancement of innovation continues to thrive in the garage door industry.Garage Door History

The New Carriage House

Back then, people used the terms outbuilding or carriage house. This was typically the structurethey used to house their buggy and horse. For a short time vehicles were kept in the exact location as the buggy and horses, but the stench of manure in their cars raised an issue that needed to be solved. A new carriage house needed to be built specifically for the storage of automobiles. This ideology birthed the invention of the garage.

Sideways Sliding Track Doors

These basic structures were similar to that of a barn with door that opened outward. The door was quite heavy which caused hinges and screws to bend and wear until they eventually fell off. A more versatile door was needed. That’s when the sliding track garage door that slid sideways was created. That was a good idea, except that required for the garage to be twice the door’s. The solution was to cut the door into sections and hinge it together which allowed it to curve around the corner of the structure.

Upward Sliding Track Doors

C.G. Johnson further advances the garage door industry with the development of a sliding track door that slid upward, saving even more space.  During the year of 1926, he took it to another level with the creation of the electronic opener that would help lift the heavy doors. Many companies surfaced and took advantage of this new phenomenon, selling many garage doors to people all across the world.

Garage Door Malfunctions

Between 1974 and 1995 rose an increase of garage door accidentswith children between the ages of 2 to 8 years old. There were reports of severe injuries, brain damage, and even death. Since then the government has passed laws mandating that safety features such as photo-eyes be installed into all electronic openers.

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